Cellulite Nature Cure

Ayurveda approach

People with diet rich in fried food and fatty diet have kapha provoking diet. This cuases cellulite and may well lead to weight problems like obesity.

The agni or fiery condition for metabolizing fat is known as meda agni. According to Ayurveda, the meda agni under the skin becomes low. Fat molecules that are unprocessed, are lodged in under the skin and results cellulite. In Ayurveda, the meda agni has to be enlivened or kindled to treat cellulite.

· Kapha decreasing
Avoid kapha increasing diet. By reducing kapha in your diet, it helps to kindle the meda agni. Avoid olive oil in cooking and reduce intake of dairy products like cheese and butter, fried food, fatty foods, sweets and even cold food and drinks.

· Exercise
Make exercise a regular regime, starting with walks, swimming or other aerobic exercises to localize where most of the cellulite is formed.

· Massage
Massage with sesame and mustard oil can also help remove cellulite. Massage areas where cellulite appears with sesame oil and mustard oil, mixed half and half only. After this, dust vacha (calmus herb) powder on the skin and rub.

· Vitamin K
Vitamin K helps to remove the spidery veins and reduce cellulite. Apply on affected area and rub gently into the skin.

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