Herpes natural cure

Ayurveda approach

Oral herpes
Oral herpes is a pitta disorder that comes from rakta dhutu (blood) on the upper lip or in the corner of the mouth. Not to be confused with canker sores which appears as an ulcer, herpes produce a rash with numerous small blisters, clustered around one larger bump in the centre. Herpes sores are usually on the outside of the mouth rather then inside, unlike canter sores. Oral herpes is transmitted through oral contact like kissing or using same drinking glasses. To treat oral herpes, try the following Ayurveda remedies:

· Kama dudha cream
Mix ¼ teaspoon kama dudha with 1 teaspoon dairy cream. Apply this cream to the sore in the morning and at bedtime.

· Bitter ghee
Use tikta ghrita (bitter ghee) or aloe vera gel or ointment on the affected area.

· Triphala drink
This drink is helpful in pacifying systematic pitta and relieving the herpes. Take ½ teaspoon triphala with warm water at night.

· Herbal mixture drink
Mix 1 teaspoon tikta ghrita or warm water with ½ teaspoon of the following herbal mix:

1/8 part kama dudha
3 parts neem
3 parts maha sudarshan

Genital herpes
Genital herpes is similar like oral herpes except that it is transmitted through sexual contact. For treatment to be taken orally, use the same herbs and herbal mixtures as recommended above.

For topical treatment, use tikta ghrita. Apply some tikta ghrita to the labia minora or the glans penis before intercourse as dry genital intercourse can sometimes aggravate the herpes.

According to Aurveda, pyschological stress can be one of the primary causes of herpes eruptions. In times of stress, the virus locked in the neuromuscular cleft comes out resulting herpes sore. Minimizing stress can help the herpes problem. Below are some ways to reduce stress:

· Meditation
Try meditation to soothe the system and minimize stress.

· Herbal tea
Drink this herbal tea mixture of brahmi, chamomile and jatamamsi. Mix these herbs in equal proportion and use ½ teaspoon for the tea. Drink twice a day.

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